Freedom: A Bestowed Responsibility

flying lanternsFreedom will be the ‘in’ word soon with Independence Day just around the corner. The Constitution of India has painstakingly ensured that each citizen or any person on the Indian soil is treated and tried for the actions he has done as an individual and not actions taken by a cult or mob that he is a part of.

If the nation as an entity can protect and consider us in an individual capacity, is it fair for sects – religious, or otherwise – to use this as a shield for their selfish motives?

People usually talk about freedom of speech, but fail to realize that by wagging their tongue incessantly about another’s affairs, they are violating another right of leading a life with dignity and liberty. Everyone enjoys a good gossip at the cost of the other, without realizing the implications voicing their opinion. So be it the person sitting in the next cubicle, or a celluloid actor, there is an urgent need for restraint.

Let us begin with ourselves as “Mahatma Gandhi” once said, “Be the change to want to see in the world”. We also need to voice and control our opinions about what we see and hear.

And keeping in mind the large scheme of things, the media should also curb its enthusiasm, since it has a far stronger reach and a more gripping effect on those especially, who are low on literacy. Depiction of certain incidents has been in very bad taste keeping in mind the general audience and they tend to have a very damning effect on those who are easily convinced. The media today have a gift of changing the ways we perceive the incidents that occur around us and thus they need to act more responsibly and respect the sensibilities of their viewers on the whole.

And like an age old idiom goes, live and let live…let that be the way we lead our lives, caring yet aloof about secrets which are not ours to share but a promise that one needs to hold on to.

Eternal love or another broken promise?

mendLike all emotions, love is just as vague. Like you can use the words annoyance, ire, irritation, temper or wrath to describe various facets or levels of the same emotion generally known as anger, you can use affection, intimacy, adoration, passion to describe love too. And just like emotions, relationships are not limited to lovers alone.

It is probably a joy in itself when a person you wish to have an association with reciprocates your feelings. One sided relationships, are probably the worst thing that can happen to anyone. This one song by I heard from Madonna’s 1999 album ‘Ray of Light’ expresses the pain very accurately. The song itself can be interpreted at different levels.

It can either be about what is called as the forbidden fruit – the one you can have and keep but not enjoy or be enriched with. This song symbolizes a love where either one of the partners has moved on while the other still hasn’t but they are stuck together for some strange reason.

Or they are trying to mend a broken relationship but the girl here doesn’t feel that her lover is making any visible effort to save the intimacy that once existed between them. Or else, this song is about a one sided relationship, where both people involved are not interpreting the bond in the same light, where the girl (in this case) is clearly in love with the guy but he seems to treat her as a substitute: like in the movie ‘My best friend’s wedding’. Take a look at the lyrics and judge for yourself!!

To Have and Not To Hold
To have and not to hold
So hot, yet so cold
My heart is in your hand
And yet you never stand
Close enough for me to have my way

To love but not to keep
To laugh, not to weep
Your eyes, they go right through
And yet you never do
Anything to make me want to stay

Like a moth to a flame
Only I am to blame
Ba ba da ba ba ba
What can I do?
Ba ba da ba ba ba
I go straight to you
Ba ba da ba ba ba
I’ve been told
You’re to have, not to hold

To look but not to see
To kiss but never be
The object of your desire
I’m walking on a wire
And there’s no one at all
To break my fall


You’re to have, not to hold
You’re to have, not to hold


You’re to have, not to hold
You’re to have, not to hold
You’re to have, not to hold
To break my heart…