Voting without a reason for a Government without a cause

ballot boxI exercised my franchise to vote on both occasions this year, and no, I do not regret my decision of choosing a candidate who will royally snub the needs of the locality he represented for another 5 years.

Instead of addressing issue like improper irrigation facilities, poor infrastructure or safety, most party presidents decided resort to silly name calling because of personal and family disputes. Politics of dynasty was more intriguing than terror attacks.

Once I landed at the polling station, I tried to add a face to the name of the enlisted candidates. To my amusement, none of the names rang a bell! I did consider my option to cast an empty vote but I realized that it was my taxed money which was used to conduct this large scale charade in the first place, and I’d rather not waste my own hard-earned money when I fully understand that the story will not change anyway.

Issueless campaigning for a meaningless election, what a shame for democracy!