La Amour Éternel: The Unquestioned Relationship

Some people are very lucky to have lived a life with someone they loved so deeply and with so much zest and got loved with the same fervor in return, that too without asking for it. We call their love stories as fairly tales, as everyone longs but few are chosen to live them; yet some throw it away yearning for more, always testing resistance of their relationship. They come in all shapes and sizes, as brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and foes, lovers and admirers.

When a mother gives birth to a child, she has her own reason to shower a child with safety and affection. But the child responds and comprehends only with unconditional love; trust and faith have no influence on that young mind.

These relationships don’t come with faith and trust. They start as admiration and the hope and reliance just come in by themselves.  Attaching any other emotion to such a love is unnecessary. Such bonds last for eternity, beyond all forces of nature: always pure and insatiable.

P.S.: The title is French for “The Eternal Love”.

I discovered this song “Two Hearts” by Jennifer Avalon & Noel Boland. The song describes the unison of two souls in heaven, and how they decide to stay together for eternity and plan a future beyond their physical existence. And then there are always angels that bring in the “coincidences” that help lost lovers meet time after time.

Two Hearts
In a garden where the jasmine blooms
Underneath a sapphire moon
Two lovers with the Universe in their eyes

As they wander by a flowing stream
Open hands weaving crystal dreams
Making plans for the future days of their lives

Through time they’ve never let go
The past a circle that comes around
A dance that both of them know
They’ll meet again on solid ground

Two hearts that beat as one
Their journey’s only begun
Two hearts that beat as one
Let no man put asunder

The clouds lift and the sky is blue
Angel’s whisper what they’re gonna do
Bring together these blessed two, to be found

Their souls will join once again,
When Heaven tells them where and when

(Repeat Chorus)

Let no man put asunder
Two lives so laced with wonder
What God has brought together, lasts forever

Freedom: A Bestowed Responsibility

flying lanternsFreedom will be the ‘in’ word soon with Independence Day just around the corner. The Constitution of India has painstakingly ensured that each citizen or any person on the Indian soil is treated and tried for the actions he has done as an individual and not actions taken by a cult or mob that he is a part of.

If the nation as an entity can protect and consider us in an individual capacity, is it fair for sects – religious, or otherwise – to use this as a shield for their selfish motives?

People usually talk about freedom of speech, but fail to realize that by wagging their tongue incessantly about another’s affairs, they are violating another right of leading a life with dignity and liberty. Everyone enjoys a good gossip at the cost of the other, without realizing the implications voicing their opinion. So be it the person sitting in the next cubicle, or a celluloid actor, there is an urgent need for restraint.

Let us begin with ourselves as “Mahatma Gandhi” once said, “Be the change to want to see in the world”. We also need to voice and control our opinions about what we see and hear.

And keeping in mind the large scheme of things, the media should also curb its enthusiasm, since it has a far stronger reach and a more gripping effect on those especially, who are low on literacy. Depiction of certain incidents has been in very bad taste keeping in mind the general audience and they tend to have a very damning effect on those who are easily convinced. The media today have a gift of changing the ways we perceive the incidents that occur around us and thus they need to act more responsibly and respect the sensibilities of their viewers on the whole.

And like an age old idiom goes, live and let live…let that be the way we lead our lives, caring yet aloof about secrets which are not ours to share but a promise that one needs to hold on to.